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A Fuel Cell is a Micro Combined Heat and Power system (mCHP).  It uses innovative Fuel Cell technology to separate natural gas into carbon and hydrogen using an electrochemical reaction that delivers clean, controllable, on-site electricity for residential as well as business use.


Producing up to 13,000 kWh of electricity per year, Fuel Cells are best used where annual electricity demand is greater than 10,000 kWh, whether in a single building or shared between multiple homes.


We are pleased to be able to present an example and overview of recent installations.

Micro CHP and Hydrogen Fuel Cells  are powered by the fully integrated fuel cell module, which, by using solid oxide ceramic fuel cells, ranks among the most efficient energy conversion systems currently available on the market. The waste of heat of the fuel cell produced by the process of generating electricity can optionally be used to heat water.


About the size of a washing machine, the Fuel Cell can be installed right there where the electricity is needed. Natural gas or biomethane is used as the source of energy.

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