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Spread the cost of your energy efficient technology

We understand that investing in the latest low-carbon technologies can be a daunting process. The “new normal” presents a challenging time financially but this shouldn’t get in the way of purchasing new equipment which will be more efficient, reduce your energy consumption and ultimately save you money in the long run. That’s why you should consider leasing your equipment.

Renewable energy equipment leasing and finance spreads out the payment of your equipment and installation over a period that suits you. From 24 to 60 months, you can have one single payment that will help you with monthly budgeting. What’s more, energy efficient equipment leasing is 100% tax allowable and ensures you keep working capital in the bank.

Explore the benefits of low carbon technologies below and use our handy calculator to give an indication of leasing costs. Or simply fill in the form below with your enquiry.


Why lease your energy efficient technology?

There are many benefits to leasing or financing your energy efficient equipment:

• Increase your profitability – leasing will enable you to maintain working capital and invest in other areas.

• Maintain borrowing power – get the equipment you need whilst preserving your credit lines with cash in the bank.

• Get the latest equipment – spread your payments over a longer period, and earn money back from the grid.

• Tax benefits – payments are 100% tax allowable, so you can offset against your taxable profits.

• Budget planning – with fixed payments you can plan your budgets easier.

• Own the equipment – at the end of the term, own the equipment with option buyout.

• Turnkey projects – use leasing or finance for the entire project.

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